Lulu, the red-eared slider

Lulu is a 5-inch-long red-eared slider, probably female, and around 8 years old. These creatures need a clean place to swim and a sunny place to bask and rest. They are omnivores--they eat both greens and small creatures like worms, crickets, and tiny fish or pinky mice. If given a good home, Lulu could live for another 10-12 years!

LeBeef, the blue-tongued skink

LeBeef is an adult blue-tongued skink, probably female. These winsome creatures from Australia are omnivores (both insects and plants) and need a varied, warm habitat. Some experience with reptile keeping would be preferable.

Dulce, the baby green iguana

Dulce is a juvenile green iguana on the youngish side (probably about four months old). We think she is female--but iguanas show their dimorphism later on so be prepared for anything! Iguanas are herbivores and need non-oxalic leaves for food like kale, collards, and mustard greens plus lots of other fruit and veg for a good diet. They need sun and humidity and can get quite large. Recommended for experienced reptile keepers.

Naruto, the leopard gecko

Naruto is an adult leopard gecko. Leopard geckos ("leos") are relatively easy-care carnivorous animals and are good for those who have never kept a reptile pet before. Naruto eats dubia roaches, superworms, and crickets.

Stumpy, the red-eared slider

Stumpy is an adult red-eared slider who had parts of his front feet chewed off, probably by raccoons. He needs a secure pond to swim in and some TLC, but is relatively easy care. He can get around despite the loss of toes!