Hello! I’m Bibi, and I’m a juvenile iguana (about 5 months old). My story starts out sad but ends up great!

The little girl who used to take care of me didn’t really know how. She didn’t know I need direct sunlight, with places to cool off, just about every day. She didn’t know that my species lives in the rain forest and so I need to be misted with cool water. She didn’t know what foods I like—torn-up collards and mustard greens, bits of chopped mango and melon, sweet potato, squashes, green beans and blueberries. Pretty soon my legs started to swell and my spine bent. I was very weak, I would shake like a leaf, and my bones were getting broken because nobody knew what I needed.

But here’s the happy part. One day, the little girl’s uncle noticed how sick I was and they took me to a special reptile doctor. He put me on calcium supplements and good food, with sunshine, water misting, and lots of care from a kind lady in RARN. Now I’m on the mend and will be a loving animal companion all my life!