Lulu, the red-eared slider

Lulu is a 5-inch-long red-eared slider, probably female, and around 8 years old. These creatures need a clean place to swim and a sunny place to bask and rest. They are omnivores--they eat both greens and small creatures like worms, crickets, and tiny fish or pinky mice. If given a good home, Lulu could live for another 10-12 years!

Stumpy, the red-eared slider

Stumpy is an adult red-eared slider who had parts of his front feet chewed off, probably by raccoons. He needs a secure pond to swim in and some TLC, but is relatively easy care. He can get around despite the loss of toes!

Kiko, the leopard gecko

Kiko is an adult leopard gecko. Leopard geckos ("leos") are relatively easy-care carnivorous reptiles, very good for a "first reptile pet". They eat crickets and worms (gut-loaded and calcium-powdered) and dubia roaches. They can be very tame and are often quite personable.

Ella the green iguana

Ella is an adult female green iguana. She has been spayed so she will not lay eggs. While she is an adult, she can still grow and she has been traumatized so is not as cuddly as some iguanas. Someone experienced in handling iguanas is preferred as her future human companion!